Mathematical DPT

Expiry : 180 Days
Exams : CSIR Previous (D.Equations) DPT | CSIR Previous (Linear Algebra) DPT | Determinants DPT | Differential Equations-1 DPT | Div, Curl, Grad | Error Analysis DPT | First order First degree DPT | Maxima and Minima DPT | Practise of Integrations DPT | Rank & System of Linear Equations DPT | Second Order Differential Equation DPT | Applications of DEL operator DPT | Complex Analysis DPT | Complex Analysis and Residue Theorem DPT | Improper Real Integrals DPT |

Product Description

This Package is only for UV DEC CSIR Batch Students ( Not for Others, Please Don't Purchase)

Daily Practice Tests ( Free For DEC CSIR Batch Students)

Contains Topic Wise Practice Questions based on the Live Class of the Day

Each Topic Contain 15 to 20 Questions.